Vision For Norman

The Vision For Norman proposal is a practical and fiscally responsible funding solution comprised of two general obligation bonds and a utility that will address community-wide issues of traffic congestion, flooding, and water quality caused by Norman’s aging infrastructure.

Your Questions Answered

Annahlyse Meyer, Chief Communications Officer for the City of Norman, sits down with Shawn O'Leary, Director of Public Works, and Dr. Carrie Evenson, Stormwater Program Manager, to talk about all the most common questions about the Vision for Norman proposal.

Stormwater Discussion

Dr. Carrie Evenson discusses the City’s stormwater infrastructure and the City’s plan for improving it. The Vision for Norman proposal features two stormwater components: a $60 million general obligation bond, and a tiered utility fee.

Discussion with the Fiance Director

Anthony Francisco, Finance Director for the City of Norman, sits down to answer several questions about the financial aspects of the Vision for Norman proposal.

Discussion with the City Attorney

Kathryn Walker, Interim City Attorney for the City of Norman, sits down to talk about several legal questions surrounding the Vision for Norman proposal, including information about the language used in the ordinance and the ballot.

Stormwater: what is it and where does it go?

Rain has a lot of benefits for a community. It waters plants, and can replenish drinking water supplies. But too much of it can be a hazard to any city, and it needs to be managed.

Stormwater: Why does it matter?

We've seen what stormwater is and how it gets managed, but why should we care? In this video, we take a look at some of the most common detrimental effects stormwater can have on our communities.