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Proposition 3

Stormwater Utility

Utility Totals:

$4.2 million raised annually by utility fee
+$3.2 million contributed annually from General Fund
=$7.4 million needed annual budget

Impact to Utility Bill:

Residential: $3, $6 or $9 a month increase based on first-floor living area

Non-Residential: $12, $45, $80 or $160 a month increase based on total parcel size


If approved, this stormwater utility would provide approximately $4.2 million a year and establish an enterprise fund, which is a dedicated source of funding for stormwater services only.

The utility would fund critical stormwater maintenance needs and water quality improvements.  These include, but are not limited to, increased infrastructure maintenance crews, Stormwater Compliance Inspectors, a Neighborhood Assistance Program, and necessary equipment such as street sweepers and a camera truck to inventory the current condition of stormwater infrastructure.  

The stormwater utility program represents a budget (link to appendix) of roughly $7.4 million that was identified by the Stormwater Citizen Committee after more than a year of research and public input. In addition to the stormwater utility, approximately $3.2 million from the General Fund will also be needed to fully fund these needed maintenance and operational activities and still keep utility fees low overall.

All eight Wards will see benefits from the proposed bond and utility fee with the aim of significantly reducing flooding and water pollution across Norman. The utility fee will also help address day-to-day maintenance needs and water quality improvements in Lake Thunderbird.

These projects would assist the City in reaching the Lake Thunderbird Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements, and other requirements the city must meet as part of its municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) permit, as set forth by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

Ballot Language

The Proposition 3 vote on a Stormwater Utility will appear on the April 2, 2019 ballot as follows:


Stormwater Utility Fee

Shall Ordinance 0-1819-27 of the Council of the City of Norman, Oklahoma, adding Section 21-118 of Chapter 21 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Norman, Oklahoma, which establishes the monthly rates to fund a Stormwater Utility as follows: $3.00 for residential property with a first floor living area less than or equal to 1, 196 square feet; $6.00 for residential property with a first floor living area of 1 , 197 to 1,983 square feet; $9.00 for residential property with a first floor living area greater than 1,983 square feet; providing for a 30% reduction in the rate for qualifying low-income residences; providing for a 30% reduction in rates for agriculturally zoned residences; $12.00 for non-residential property that has a parcel area less than 0.63 of an acre; $45.00 for non-residential property that has a parcel area between 0.63 and 2.11 acres; $80.00 for non-residential property that has a parcel area between 2.12 acres and 13.97 acres; $160.00 for non-residential property that has a parcel area greater than 13.97 acres; be approved?

The voting machines or devices used at said election shall set out the proposition as above set forth and shall also contain the words:

                                                YES – FOR THE ABOVE PROPOSITION

                                                NO – AGAINST THE ABOVE PROPOSITION

To see the complete ordinance language, click here.

Rate-Finder Map

Find your rate structure and available credits by entering your address into the search bar in the below map. Click here to view a full size map.

This map is based on the best available data at this time. It will be updated as more data becomes available. An appeals process for incorrect charges will be in place if Proposition 3 is approved.


Rate Structure

The proposed rate structure was developed by the Stormwater Citizen Committee with significant public input in the form of open houses, Ward meetings, focus groups and surveys. It is designed to be practical and fiscally responsible, taking into account the diverse needs of Norman’s citizens. This utility includes a 30% low income credit, a 30% agricultural credit (applied automatically) and a Neighborhood Assistance Program to help fund privately owned stormwater infrastructure projects.

Undeveloped Property

Parcels with only barns, sheds, or other outbuildings that are not dwelling units are classified as undeveloped parcels.  Undeveloped parcels will not be charged a stormwater utility fee.


The residential rate structure will be a three tier system based on the first-floor living area of each property’s house:

  • Includes all developed residential parcels with four or less dwelling units on a single parcel

  • Living area is a dwelling unit’s square footage minus garages, porches and other spaces that are not commonly heated or cooled. This information can be obtained from the Cleveland County Assessor.

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There are two credits available to residential customers.  One is a 30% low income credit, and the other is a 30% agricultural credit.  Only one credit can apply to a single parcel, i.e. you can't receive both a low income credit and an agricultural credit.

In order to receive the low income credit, you must qualify as low income as defined by Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937, as amended by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.  If you are already receiving a discounted rate for water, sewer, and trash services, this credit will be applied automatically.  If you do not currently receive a low income credit for other services, you will need to submit a Low Income Credit Application form.  An Annual Income Certification form will need to be submitted once a year to continue to receive this credit.

The agricultural credit is only available for residential customers with parcels zoned A-1 or A-2.  This credit will be applied automatically.


The non-residential rate structure will be a four tier system based on each property’s parcel size

  • Includes non-residential parcels with more than four dwelling units on a single parcel and all other property types, such as commercial or industrial

  • Parcel size information comes from the Cleveland County Assessor and the City of Norman GIS map

non-res tier.JPG

Policy Manual

Norman City Council approved a Stormwater Division Policy Manual at its February 26 meeting. This document outlines policies and procedures for the management of the stormwater program.

Proposed Budget


Proposed Program Services