Vision For Norman
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The Vision For Norman proposal is a practical and fiscally responsible funding solution comprised of two general obligation bonds and a utility that will address community-wide issues of traffic congestion, flooding, and water quality caused by Norman’s aging infrastructure.

The three propositions put forward in this proposal undertake critical infrastructure and maintenance needs that are unable to be supported by the City of Norman’s General Fund.  Significant planning, research, and community input went into the development of each proposition to take into account the diverse needs of Norman’s citizens while keeping costs as low as possible for residents.

The propositions put forward are a $72 million transportation bond, a $60 million stormwater bond and tiered-rate-structure stormwater utility that would raise an estimated $4.2 million to improve maintenance and operations. These propositions were unanimously approved by City Council in January 2019 to be placed on the April 2, 2019 ballot for citizen approval.


The Propositions


Proposition 1
Transportation Bond

The proposed $72 million transportation bond leverages City and federal funds to undertake 19 projects for a total investment of about $139 million in Norman’s transportation infrastructure.  If approved, this proposition would provide funding for the City to address issues with the existing transportation infrastructure, including, but not limited to, construction of a new Traffic Management Center, widening and reconstruction of roads, installation of new traffic signals, improvements to stormwater drainage systems, and the addition of sidewalks and multi-modal paths.

Proposition 2
Stormwater Bond

The proposed $60 million stormwater bond would fund 33 stormwater infrastructure projects with the aim of reducing flooding in Norman and replacing aging, undersized drainage structures.  These projects were selected from a list of 60 projects identified in the City’s 2009 Storm Water Master Plan as critical to addressing flooding and water pollution issues in Norman. If approved, this would be the first stormwater bond in the City of Norman and would provide funding for large infrastructure project needs where state and federal funding is not currently available.

Proposition 3
Stormwater Utility

If approved, this stormwater utility would provide approximately $4.2 million a year combined with $3.2 million from the General Fund to fund critical stormwater maintenance needs including, but not limited to, increased infrastructure maintenance crews, Stormwater Compliance Inspectors, a Neighborhood Assistance Program, and necessary equipment such as street sweepers and a camera truck to inventory the state of stormwater infrastructure.  This utility would be established in an enterprise fund, which is a dedicated source of funding for stormwater services only.